About myself…

              I am Guru Bharathi Thiraviam. I live in Coimbatore, India. I am an ECE student, pursuing the final year of the course, but my blog is nowhere close to electronics or anything related to that for the matter of fact. This blog of mine is entirely about my passion, my dream in life; to share the happiness and joy I get through living my dream.

           I like so many things in my life. Apart from human relations which give meaning to my life, I have admired so many things throughout my life. I like the Earth. I like the clouds. I like the rain. I like all these kind of things- the wonderful creations of Lord Almighty. I have always marveled at the beauty and magnificence of nature around me. Those are things that make me stare for long in awe; make me feel grateful and happy to have this wonderful life.

                                                “Once there was a little boy, who wouldn’t mind sitting for hours, if it is to look at raindrops fall to the ground; to stare at the evening horizon till the sky gets dark; or just to watch his kitties play with their own tail. He loved nature. He loved and treasured whatever it offered him. He was already happy with whatever he had. Then came the cycle. It took him to places, where no other can; gave him joyous feelings that he never before has felt; taught him lessons, which were so very special. The then little boy fell in love with his cycle, or rather to say, with his cycling.”

                                                                This is the story of my life,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Story of  My(E)   Cycling !